wrap yourself in love + positivity

Thats the motto. Thats our mission. FOORREEEEEVVVVVVEERRRRRRRRRR #cardibvoice. 

Hand Crafted by this 27 year old single mom in 2014, this concept was birthed from endless bead pops and journey "start overs". I created this quite innovative (if I do say so myself) concept of a functional, versatile, and adjustable strand of beads that didn't require your Tuesday before Tacos waist measurements. More personally,  it gifted intentions of support and motivation for any woman on a mental, physical, or spiritual journey to weightloss/waist management and self-love. I've learned how important this community of support is for every woman, regardless of color.

Respectfully, I'm keeping my waistbeads as close to our Motherland's cultural tradition, just with a slightly modern twist to it. 

In 2016, brand merch was added in hopes of sharing  empowerment and community support. My Brand isn't just about beads - trust me, I'm not in the "waistbead business"; but I am in the 'you are loved' business, in the 'you still can love yourself' business, in the 'woman, you are powerful' business. 

-tee . 

+ because of that, wrap yourself in love + positivity.


We're all about communal uplifting and positive vibes only! We encourage every single customer that supports us to always remember to wrap themselves in love and positivity! Tag us on social media @slimthyckofficial #SLIMTHYCKTRIBE to be featured on our story and feed! Interested in becoming a brand ambassador? Click the link below!

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every strand is hand made to order, with only a small collection of pre-made limited release patterns and designs. 


Since these waistbeads are so unique and unfamiliar to traditional waistbead wearers, check out our wrap tutorial on how to comfortably wear and secure your strand. 

wrap yourself in love + positivity .